• Consistent Accuracy

  • Current Setting from 10 mA Onwards

  • Immune to Transients & Surges

  • Fully Solid State



It is a fully Solid State electronic device for protection of electrical Machines and Equipments against insulation breakdown and earth leakage. The electrical cable feeding the power to the equipment is passed through special core balance current transformer (C B C T). Whenever there is a earth leakage, it gets sensed by the C B C T and an electromagnetic relay is operated in case the leakage current exceeds the set value.

Two potential free change-over contacts of the relay are provided for customer usage at the terminals for external connections. Light emitting diodes (LED'S) are provided on top of the unit to indicate voltage supply and relay ON status.



Current Setting Range

Four different models are available with following leakage current settings.

  • 10-100mA

  • 30-300mA

  • 50-500mA

  • 100-1000mA

Please specify the current setting require while ordering


Trip Time

Instantaneous (to the order of 50 milli seconds)


Setting/Repeat Accuracy

2% of the current setting


Operating Voltage (25% variation is acceptable)

12 or 24 VDC

110, 240 or 440 VAC or any other voltage as per requirement.



The unit will withstand 2.5 KV for one minute between all external terminals connected together and the body.


Life Span

There is only one moving part in the unit, i.e. an electromagnetic relay for which the manufacturer claims a life of  1,00,000 operations.


Relay Contact Rating

6 amps resistive load at 230 VAC or 24 VDC



10 VA (maximum)



Height 105 mm, Width 51mm, Length 102mm


Mounting Details

Recommended mounting screw size 5mm (3/16)

External Connection